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Meet Sam Benson

Sam Benson is the Walnut Creek area's leading source of information for active seniors. As a member of the National Caregivers Library, a real estate agent, mortgage banking executive, residential developer and investor, Sam has a unique and comprehensive understanding of the different challenges seniors face. Whether "Right Sizing" or working to stay active, Walnut Creek Seniors is your one stop resource...

Walnut Creek Seniors


My Interview On The Michael Dresser Show


ViewPoint Radio Interview about Seniors Downsizing

Eddrick Osborne is a driving  force on radio in the San Francso East Bay Artea and beyone. He brings a variety of subject matter to his audiance.  Here is an overview that Sam did in August 2014 that address the different challenges and direction Seniors and their family go through. This intervfiew touches on the ...

Camping around Walnut Creek

It is summer after all. Yes we can all enjoy the 5 star hotels with all its comfort, but what about enjoying the sunrise in the wee hours of the morning and watching the sunset together with friends and family while making smores around the fire. If you are up for some outdoor adventure then here is a list of things you sho...

Podcasts for Seniors

What is a Podcast? Merriam Webster defines Podcast: a program (as of music or talk) made available in digital format or automatic download over the Internet. Instead of turning the TV on we could browse through a list of different Podcasts available for instant download. You can listen to them from your PC, laptop, Ipad or ...

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